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"People don't rise to the level of a challenge, they fall to the level of their training."

- Archilochus, Greek Poet & Soldier, Born 680BCE

2,700 years ago it was commonly known that one's training, not their hopes or dreams, defined their level of performance.

Fast forward to today, and whether it be in a relationship, training for an ultra-marathon race, trading the stock market, launching a new business, losing 25 pounds, or simply touching your toes, there is still no shortcut to success – save for good planning and hard work.

So, if you don't have the necessary skills required to accomplish your dreams, maybe it's time to find someone to help, someone who will illuminate your blind spots and guide you to strengthen your weaknesses, someone who will not only ask the right questions, but also have the right answers.

I have helped people build their businesses, find peace and clarity following attempted suicide, question their marriage, and find their life's work - and in the process find themselves again. No opportunity is too small or too big - if it's important to you.

Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute chat to see how might enhance each others' lives.

I went to Lee looking for physical wellness,
which I found. What I didn't expect was a
life changing experience.


Woodinville, WA

I can absolutely say that, under Lee's tutelage, I have professionally grown more in these
3 months than in the past 3 years.


Rural Georgia

If you want clear and definite results in your life,
call Lee. He is a rare mystic who very
much lives in this world.


Miami, FL

Lee provided a space for me to feel safe to talk openly, and showed a deep intuition and understanding about who I was.


Perth, Australia

I am eternally grateful for his impact on my world I feel very blessed to have this amazing man as a friend and role model for the rest of my life.


Seattle, WA

It is truly no exaggeration to say that
Lee Kaufman saved our son’s life.


Seattle, WA

I recommend Lee without reservation, as he has been a true beacon of light to a better life.


Seattle, WA

Lee is incredibly aware of what is
happening at all times.


Seattle, WA

Lee was the answer to my prayers.


Kirkland, WA

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