12 years of teaching experience

Over 5,000 yoga and coaching sessions

"It always seems impossible until it’s done."

- Nelson Mandela

I grew up in a loving household on the East Coast and was given all of the best educational opportunities.

I tried my hand at many professions, including Finance and Sales, and participated at a high level.

But I have been a seeker since I can remember, and my seeking always nudged me off the traditional path, until seeking became my path.

Over the years I have worked with a very diverse group of people, including a former Ms. America, corporate CEOs, suicidal youth, the aged, the poor, the very rich, entrepreneurs, and everyday Moms and Dads.

My tool-set is deep and wide, though my actual work is guided by intuition.


I went to Lee looking for physical wellness, which I found. What I didn't expect was a life changing experience. Lee helped me peel away the layers of who I thought I was to uncover the person I want to be, as opposed to the person I think I should be. Lee has a personalized approach, he tailors each session based on what he learns about the person and goes out of his way to do research to find tools that can help those under his practice. He excels at communicating what he is teaching and why he is teaching it. As someone who is highly analytical, I appreciate that he takes the time to explain the why as well as the what and the how. As a result of his approach, I have grown as a person in both my relationships with others and in my professional life. Since beginning my work with Lee nine years ago, I started and have sustained a successful long term relationship and have been promoted into a senior level management role at a Fortune 500 company. The more lasting impact that Lee has had on my life is a set of tools to continuously improve who I am, the impact I have on those around me and to develop an ever increasing sense of peace, focus and purpose. I highly recommend Lee to anyone who is honestly, sincerely looking to make a radical change in all aspects of living and wouldn't mind gaining both a mentor and a friend along the way.

I first knew Lee as an incredible yoga teacher. On my visits to Seattle I would join in on a friend’s private sessions and they were/are the best sessions of yoga I have ever taken. He’s calm, observant, and completely present. He’s also one of the most likable guys you’ll ever meet, and we eventually became friends. It wasn’t until a mutual acquaintance mentioned it did I know Lee had had a previous life in economics, finance, and business development. I was not surprised. For the past 5 years I have worked as an independent fashion designer, toiling away as an artist, a lover of craft and aesthetics. I sold my work, but was never able to make the jump from artist to businesswoman. From creative project to successful business. After a move to New York placed my clothing label on the nation’s fashion stage, I knew it was time to work like never before – to ask for help, learn from my mistakes, and to build a successful company. Now, and for the past 3 months, I have been working with Lee via weekly, cross country phone calls. I can absolutely say that I have professionally grown more in these 3 months than in the past 3 years under Lee’s tutelage. The brand is growing daily, my team is expanding, and I am facing challenges with a new confidence and drive. He’s been able to spot moments where I get in my own way, bad habits I have formed over the years, and help me see a new way around them. His kind, patient approach is a magical blend of business strategy and personal, creative therapy and it has me feeling more on my game then ever before in my life. I am positive that I am building something that will last, and I am beyond grateful for Lee’s role in this. But, above all, I’ve become grateful for his friendship.


Rural Georgia

I met Lee 10 years ago at a yoga class in Miami when he was still operating very much like the rest of us in the business world. In the course of our friendship, I have seen him do the work necessary to tackle his own limiting patterns and beliefs, and as a result evolve into a kind, compassionate and level headed individual who has developed a keen ability to listen clearly to others and help move them, if they are willing, past areas of stuckness that they’ve created for themselves. When he started teaching yoga a few years after we met, it was clear to me that he was much more than a yoga teacher. He did not limit himself to teaching through asana, breathwork or yogic philosophy. Instead, he taught observing the person as a whole, using whatever tools his intuition brought forth to help them move through their self-imposed limitations. In a world where everyone is trying to sell and fit you into a method, Lee brings forth a freshness and alertness that only someone who is completely present and free within themselves is capable of. In many occasions in which I have approached Lee as a client, he has provided a tangible path out of my confusion just by breaking a situation down that before appeared overwhelming into doable and manageable steps. If you want clear and definite results in your life, call Lee. He is a rare mystic who very much lives in this world.


Miami, FL

I am based in Perth, Australia. I found Lee online, and felt drawn to contacting him. I was just starting my yoga business and wanted some advice from someone already established. What Lee provided was much more than just practical advice. He provided a space for me to feel safe to talk openly, and showed a deep intuition and understanding about who I was, including patterns of blocking that were preventing me from moving forward confidently with my business. Lee helped me identify and dispel these as well as providing supportive and empowering advice, highlighting my potential and guiding me to embrace it. I now am a confident practicing teacher, and Lee definitely was key in the process to get here! I would recommend anyone who is seeking life or business coaching to first listen to your gut, and if you get a yes, contact Lee because you won’t be disappointed….When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

I thought there was no way for me to get better. For over a year I had seen three different counselors in hopes of ridding myself of depression and an addiction to self-harm. Along with the counseling, I tried medication, had two IPU stays after suicide attempts, and finally took a medical leave from my high school. I felt that I had lost all of my former self—my passion, exuberance, happiness, and will to live—and that I had no choice but to end thing myself or watch my life wither away slowly. Thankfully, Lee changed everything for me. He stepped into my life by chance one Friday morning when the mother of a close friend had arranged for her private yoga instructor to spend an hour with me. With his cool and open demeanor, intelligence and insight, and his hand firmly gripping mine, I felt instantly connected and safe with him. During our first session I sobbed and struggled for breath, but his composure never broke, and with every deep breath he took, his calm seeped into me. There were no walls between us, just an honest human connection facilitated by deep breathing and stretching: pure, beautiful sadness. During that summer, I met with Lee at least three days a week for sessions that included intensive yoga instruction, meditation, and many wonderful conversations. In our yoga and stretching, Lee pushed my body to its physical limits that left me absolutely exhausted and exhilarated. He quickly became a friend I knew I could trust one hundred percent. Through Lee’s sessions, I cultivated a healthy body that felt strong and invigorated. Even more importantly, however, I rediscovered my love of life and the beauty of the world around me. Lee taught me how to filter my thoughts and emotions, and take charge of my own happiness. He taught me how to fold my body in ways I didn’t know were possible. He even taught me how to parallel park! It is truly impossible to list all of the lessons and skills that Lee gave to me, but the bottom line is he saved me. Years after that influential summer, I continue to guide my life by the principles I learned from Lee and still practice the yoga that proved to be so centering. I am eternally grateful his impact on my world I feel very blessed to have this amazing man as a friend and role model for the rest of my life.


Seattle, WA

We had reached our wits’ end. Months of morbid therapy and another devastating week in the IPU after a second suicide attempt, yet nothing seemed to help our once-exuberant son feel better. He couldn’t go to school, but he couldn’t stay home safely, and the prospect of months of “dialectical behavioral therapy” filled him with dread. He was done talking. He’d talked for a year to a counselor, and each time he did so, he re-lived his trauma. He refused any more therapy, and after seeing how it seemed to exacerbate his problems, I couldn’t blame him. I felt completely frantic, completely hopeless. I didn’t know where to turn to get him the help he so desperately needed. And then, miraculously, we were given the gift of Lee. Literally. I asked my friend if perhaps she could take our son to a yoga lesson with her, and she replied with the words I will never forget: “Better yet, I’ll give him my private yoga session with Lee Kaufman this morning.” Everything changed. Everything. It is truly no exaggeration to say that Lee Kaufman saved our son’s life. After a single session with Lee’s magical Tibetan bowl and new awareness of his own breath, his own body, his own beautiful self and soul, our son knew that he could be healed. No more dialectical behavioral therapy. No more secrets and self-harm as a way to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Just trust and love and the promise that he was more than the rape and abuse he’d suffered; he had a whole, strong self to reclaim, and a summer of intensive physical and therapeutic work with Lee allowed him to do just that. Two years later, he is an exuberant, thriving college student immersed in his studies and activist causes, with an amazingly bright future ahead of him. He may have been broken, but he is whole again–and we truly have the gift of Lee Kaufman to thank for his recovery! We are eternally grateful.


Seattle, WA

I am 72 years old and have been in psychotherapy for well over twenty years. For many years I have known that, for real movement away from depression to occur, my body must be involved. I have never enjoyed athletics and knew that my body was quite wooden and inflexible. Yoga clearly is a practice that moves toward flexibility, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Consequently, I have taken yoga classes three times, hating every minute of it. My only recollection of result was hanging on, watching the clock. Yet I still knew that yoga made sense. My wife ran across Lee Kaufman's website almost a year ago. It seemed to describe exactly what I was seeking. Yoga to him appeared to be a vehicle for engaging and stretching the entire person. We have been working together for nearly a year now. From the very first day I felt that Lee was walking with me, intuitively able to know what is needed. My resistance to engaging my own body has declined significantly. Lee is incredibly aware of what is happening at all times, whether it is the way I breath, the way a particular muscle is tight, in general where the resistance is occurring. With incredible gentleness and support he guides me through the resistance. It often is accompanied by discussion of self-destructive behavior and of finding new ways of being in areas of life that include so much more than practicing new physical positions.


Seattle, WA

There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey that leave a lasting impression. We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve. Lee Kaufman is one such person in my life. A mutual friend introduced me to Lee during a time of deep personal crisis and turmoil. I knew I must carve a new path in my life, but I did not know how or where to begin. I did not have the emotional stamina, nor did I understand my thought processes. What does it looks like to break the cycle and change my responses to my circumstances because my conventional methods where not working any longer. This is where Lee's gift lies. He helps one develop an repertoire to deal with the joys, the sorrows, relationships and the challenges that one face on this one-way street of life. In the roughly 5 months that I have worked with Lee, I have come to value and appreciate his expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication to my whole well being. He is sensitive when delicate situations are present and frank when when we need the proverbial splash of water. I find that his refreshing realism is hard to come by. Lee has been extremely valuable in helping me identify my trouble areas and even offering homework upon request. With his support, I have also learned how to take better care of my body, my professional life, and true friendship. Lastly, Lee helps me to maintain my balance and embrace my new beginnings, which I have never had before. Lee is an integral part of my team that supports me in my quest for a sound and healthy mind, body and spirit. I recommend Lee without reservation, as he has been a true beacon of light to a better life.


Seattle, WA

There are certain times in life when you realize that things are not going the way you want them to go. A time of acceptance and surrender. A time to look for help and guidance. Lee was the answer to my prayers.

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